Dynamic identification of modular shipping containers – koautor izv. prof. dr. sc. SaÅ¡a Aksentijević

28/05/2022 // Posted in ÄŒlanci/konferencije/predavanja  

Na konferenciji MIPRO 2022 predstavljen je, a u zborniku radova objavljen novi rad u koautorstvu naslova “Dynamic identification of modular shipping containers”.


S. Aksentijević*, E. Tijan**, N. Kapidani*** and R. Mujalović ****

* Aksentijević Forensics and Consulting, Ltd., Viškovo, Croatia

** University of Rijeka, Faculty of Maritime Studies/Department of maritime logistics and management, Rijeka, Croatia

*** Administration for Maritime Safety and Port Management, Bar, Montenegro

**** Jadroagent Bar, Ltd., Bar, Montenegro

Abstract – The aim of this paper is to research and describe the use of modular shipping containers to address the global issue of container imbalance. Empty containers remain in different locations in respect to the goods they need to transport, mainly due to trade imbalance. Considering that ports and shipping lines must optimize procedures and equipment to avoid such inefficiencies and bottlenecks without compromising their security standards, within this paper the digital technologies are identified, and procedures which need to be adapted are proposed for management of horizontally coupled or decoupled modular 20` shipping containers. Proposed methodology can be implemented contributing to the restoring of container balance. The identified problem and proposed solution are in line with the scope of Horizon 2020 – EU.3.4 Programme and its ePIcenter – “Enhanced Physical Internet- Compatible Earth-frieNdly freight Transportation answER” project

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