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Novi znanstveni članak objavljen u IAI VIRTUAL International Academic Conference

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U IAI VIRTUAL International Academic Conference zborniku radova za 2020. koautori Marija Jović, Edvard Tijan, Saša Aksentijević i Dražen Žgaljić objavili su novi recenzirani znanstveni rad pod naslovom:

Electronic Transportation Management System Development in the Port of Rijeka


When transportation systems are inadequately managed, increased costs or missed opportunities may arise. Developed seaports should aim to implement the platforms that allow smooth electronic data exchange, such as electronic Transportation Management Systems. One of the disadvantages of the existing electronic Transportation Management Systems in the Port of Rijeka is the inability of remote user access. This can be partially remedied in several ways (VPN connections, etc.), but the idea was to allow users to both work from remote locations and to use mobile devices. As a part of the research, an improved Transportation Management System in the port of Rijeka was suggested, with the ability to work from remote locations and with the support for mobile devices, available to users through the desktop using cloud delivery. Such electronic Transportation Management System should enable users to optimize their business processes by connecting various seaport stakeholders, providing tangible sustainability benefits (mainly ecological and economic). Efficient communication between all the participants in the cargo chain will reduce the negative effects of cargo traffic on the environment, suchas idle time and traffic jams. The optimization of transport routes and the simplification of the entire transport process will have a long-term impact on the operations in the Port of Rijeka. Besides the positive effects on companies, it will also benefit the employees and the local community.

Keywords: Electronic Transportation Management Systems, Seaports, Port of Rijeka, Digitalization, Business Process Optimization

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