MIPRO 2011 – rad “Information security as utilization tool of enterprise information capital”

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U Opatiji se od 23. do 27. svibnja 2011. godine održava 34. meÄ‘unarodni skup za informacijsku i komunikacijsku tehnologiju, elektroniku i mikroelektroniku – MIPRO 2011.

U okviru savjetovanja za digitalnu ekonomiju, sekcija DE – 8. ALADIN , u četvrtak, 26.5.2011, od 15:00 – 19:00 sati, u dvorani 3 Hotela Admiral, bit će prezentiran i rad autora SaÅ¡e Aksentijevića, Edvard Tijana i Adrijane Agatić pod naslovom “Information security as utilization tool of enterprise information capital”.

Ovdje donosimo sažetak rada na engleskom jeziku, a kao i inače, rad će biti objavljen na ovim stranicama u sekciji “Radovi” po predstavljanju, zajedno s Powerpoint prezentacijom.

Abstract – “In developed countries, especially in large enterprises and public sectors, information capital as a separate capital form within structural capital is preserved by technical measures aimed towards negating or mitigating risks imposed upon controlled set of information assets. All other forms of capital are usually protected by legislative branch through legal system. Information security is therefore a decisive factor behind successful information capital management and is based on implementation of best practice standards and adherence to legal requirements. Successful model of information security management and, consequently, preservation and adequate reproduction of information capital can be put in place only if true commitment of the highest levels of management exists, towards achieving the goals of excellence. Furthermore, it can only be put in place if financial and human resources exist which are needed to execute necessary steps to achieve those goals.”

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