Međunarodna multidisciplinarna konferencija o moru, transportu i logistici 2017. / Rijeka, 20.-22. studenog 2017.

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U Rijeci će se od 20.-22. studenog 2017. održati Međunarodna multidisciplinarna konferencija o moru, transportu i logistici 2017.
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21.11.2017. od 15:00 – 15:30 pozvano predavanje će održati doc. dr. sc. Saša Aksentijević, stalni sudski vještak i vlasnik poduzeća Aksentijević vještačenje i savjetovanje d.o.o., s naslovom “Challenges of ICT management in offshore construction projects”.

Sažetak predavanja slijedi u nastavku.

Abstract: Offshore construction projects are typically very difficult and complex: they are situated in diverse and remote geographical areas where support cannot be easily guaranteed. Network communication is achieved using diverse technical solutions aiming to optimize cost while guaranteeing quality of service for users. Users are also heterogeneous and comprised of various clients, subcontractors, third parties and internal users, so ICT services need to be provided to all of them while keeping logical and sometimes physical separation and ensuring information security. Construction projects are usually fast-track projects, which imposes additional difficulties on ICT planning. Cooperating teams are usually multinational and work in rotational manner. Finally, a fleet of various vessels (pipe laying vessels, survey vessels, diving support vessels, crane vessels barges, flotels and other) is commonly used in execution of such projects, which further complicates delivery of ICT services. In this presentation, some real challenges in management of ICT services in two offshore projects in Caspian Sea and Adriatic Sea will be described in form of case studies with methods undertaken to remedy them and ensure uninterrupted ICT service delivery and thus support successful completion of underlying offshore projects.

Key words: offshore, construction, ICT

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