Jesu li ljudi shvatili da je ISO standard smeće i da li im to treba reći?

21/02/2010 // Posted in ICT governance, Ostalo  

Riječki Novi list objavio je 09.02.2010. godine vrlo intrigantan intervju s Johnom Seddonom, vlasnikom tvrtke Vanguard Consulting.

Njegova četiri najpoznatija djela su:

  • I Want You to Cheat: the unreasonable guide to service and quality in organisations (1992)
  • The Case Against ISO9000: How to create real quality in your organisations (1996)
  • Freedom from Command and Control: a better way to make the work work (2003)
  • Systems Thinking in the Public Sector: The Failure of the Reform Regime…. and a Manifesto for a Better Way (2008)

Intervju prenosimo u cijelosti.

John Seddon Interview

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